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Time Wasters

by calbert anderson on 07/26/16

Let’s talk a minute about time wasters. Time wasters are these individuals who hide behind ridiculous posts they make on Twitter and YouTube. These are the individuals that have never done anything or finished anything of meaning in life and their sole purpose is to discourage or influence others into sharing their thoughts. As I have taken on this journey to construct what I feel is a historical football video game, I have encountered many of these time wasters. When you respond to their comments they try and twist things to insinuate that you are taking things personal in order to try and shift everyone’s focus away from what the goal is...making a good playable simulation football game.

I challenge these time wasters to go and try and build a football video game themselves and stop complaining and pissing on everyone's parade! They do not bother me at all. However, for others that want something new, they are simply counter intuitive to meaningful progress.

These individuals continually spout off at the mouth about things they have very little information about and often do very little research about the subject matter they complain about. Maybe it’s because they are afraid to start something themselves in fear of not finishing it or failing at it. So they are the ones who continually harp on the negative side of things. We are making a video game folks not performing brain surgery! 

Let’s try and focus more on what good can come out of all of this rather than dwell on the negative side of things. We already know what we do not want. Aren’t you tired of complaining about it? What has that brought you so far?