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Challenges in building a Viable Sports Video Game

by calbert anderson on 07/26/16

Building a sports video game especially a football video game is no easy task. It takes a great deal of research, commitment and stick-to-itiveness!  It is a process that is mostly trial and error because there are no software development roadmaps out there that guide you through the process for building a football video game or a sports video game in general. Mostly all of the software development tools on today’s market cater to 1st, third person shooters and kiddie games. This means most of the game assets, player models, animations etc. must be custom built.

In our case, 97% of our game assets, animations, player models, stadiums etc. are custom built. Assets such as these are a major part or "core" of any sports video game. People think you just sprinkle fairy dust over your development activities and...viola you have a football video game! It just doesn't work that way. People say just copy what 2k has done and you’re there! Well that’s not so simple either. Because the truth is even if you could copy the code verbatim from those games you still can’t just implement it into a new game engine like Unreal or Unity.

You pretty much have to build it from scratch and use what these compaies have done as a reference, which takes a great deal of time (like trying to copy a Piccaso painting). That's why when I see comments from people suggesting how we should do things, they need to try and build a video game like this then they will quickly find out how difficult the process really is... but if it were easy everyone would be doing it right? Many would rather complain about what they don't have rather than be a contributor to enforce change. Change is envitable and will occur weather you like it or not. The question is, will you be a contributor in enforcing change or will you be a complainer about it.